About the Team

We are Ragnarok Raven.

We're a small group of friends that started forming in about 2009 on the old, now-defunct forums for the fangame Pokémon Acanthite. Three of us held staff positions on those forums, and of those three, two of us helped with the game itself. We remain in contact with Acanthite's lead developer for consultation and resources while we make our own game.

Those of us working hands-on with Sardonyx have limited experience with RPG Maker XP, but learn quickly and are now comfortable working with the engine. This is both a passion project and a hobby for us; we simply wish to tell a story that we've been wanting to tell for years. None of us are professionals. All of us have some form of real-life commitment that we need to handle first and foremost, meaning the project must be undertaken in our collective free time.

However, progress- no matter how small- is made daily and we continuously work toward the next release.

We hope to see you there.

2-2f28a2473eb846315492bfa6a3b340cbb164f486.webp Keileon
"Kuda", F
Project Lead, Artist

Has stupid ideas
Dating that guy ->
Lord X-Giga-X
"Giga", M
Project Lead, Programmer

The sane one apparently
<- Also dating this fox
27-3a95f5e18dbfa2506cf192337b8aa189b56d543f.webp Nebulon Ranger
"Dark", M
Webmaster, Composer

stuck in orchestral template hell
The Kakuzato
"Nate", M
Creative Input, Bugtester

"I don't even know what I do."

3-9477cc5529803d23a816245dfe1fa14d3fad0842.webp Black Phoenix
"Phoenix", M
Creative Input, Composer
Emotional Support Bot

he isn't real but i want him to be