Forum Rules

We at Ragnarok Raven believe in keeping rules relatively light and simple. We hope that the following is common sense, but understand that some parts of the internet can give people a different definition of what "common sense" is, and a different sense of what is and is not acceptable in public online spaces. Please familiarize yourself with these rules before participating in our community.

Be Respectful

  • Remember that there is a living, breathing person on the other side of that screen. Please don't attack each other for any reason.
  • Don't cause trouble for the sake of causing trouble, and listen to the staff when they tell you to stop doing something.

Stay On-Topic

  • We have different forums here for a reason. If you're not sure where something would go, put it in General.
  • Don't derail threads, especially those not your own. A few posts of a tangent is fine, but try to pair it with on-topic chatter, and don't go too long with it.

Keep It SFW

  • This site as a whole is considered PG-16. We do not allow explicit images of gore or porn.
  • Simply talking about this stuff is fine as long as it doesn't go into graphic detail.
  • Innuendo and discussing fetishes, sex scenes in media, etc is fine.

Don't Help Others Cheat

  • Cheating in Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win has always been considered "tolerated but discouraged".
  • Do not distribute leaked files, debugged builds, decryption software, or CheatEngine trainers for any Pokémon Essentials game, including but not limited to our own.
  • Do not give instructions on how to debug, decrypt, or cheat in any Pokémon Essentials game, including but not limited to our own.
  • If something goes wrong because you cheated, we will not assist you.

Real Talk

  • Real Talk has its own rules which can be found at the top of that forum.
  • Topics that belong in Real Talk and will be moved there include:
    • Politics and debating
    • Heavy real-life talk
    • Anything (more than a passing mention) having to do with social issues such as sexuality, race, gender identity, etc.