Header Link Readjustment

Welcome to the Ragnarok Raven forums! We're glad you joined and look forward to your posts, but we recommend you take a few moments to read the rules (as well as those for Real Talk in particular should you choose to post there--can be found linked in another one of these handy boxes in that forum) before you get down to business.
  • Discussion of article Header Link Readjustment:

    I've updated the header again.
    Slight reordering of the links under Members
    Gave Sardonyx: RtW its own section, so newcomers to the site better know where to look.It's still linked under Projects, because redundancy can't hurt in this case.

    Moved the Codex to the RtW section, because otherwise it wasn't clear what it was and we don't need an entire dropdown for one wiki.

    In the crimson, bright, phantom vibrance of swaying fox-fire
    These distorted, twisted bonds shall devour all love

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