Skyrim Together Reborn Released

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  • Remember way back in the day when we were hoping and praying that there would come a time where we could play fully modded Skyrim (or even just vanilla Skyrim) in co-op with our friends? Remember when we got ESO, thought it was a good game, but wasn't quite what some of us were looking for? Well, reminisce no longer, because as of today--that being Friday, July 8, 2022--that dream, that longing, has become a reality. Skyrim Together Reborn has officially released.

    The game largely Just Works--and I mean that in the literal sense, not the Todd Howard / Pete Hines sense--in multiplayer, with some bugs related to party functionality like dungeons becoming unsynced if not everyone in the party has either yet to start or completed them, but most everything works flawlessly, including PvP! Here's a video that goes into detail more elegantly than I ever could, just ignore the fact that the uploader is a Vortex-using heathen in the year of our lord 2022:

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    Now, of note, you will need either Special or Anniversary Edition on Steam to play this--Legendary Edition and the GamePass version don't work, though the latter may only be a "for now" thing--but this is quite a huge deal, and well worth trying out.

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