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    Session 4 begins with the manhunt in progress, "cornering" Zoltan at the top of the old building. Naturally, we avoid battling the guy and get concussed for our efforts by a mystery man later revealed to be named Zemith by the police during our little recap spell at the station. Once free of our law enforcement responsibilities, we're gifted an axe and beeline straight to the forest to pick up our Growlithe, SPD Phantom! He's got a brave nature, and his IVs could be better, but I can manage this (assuming its physical move pool doesn't leave much to be desired). After our acquisition, we train up a bit then clear out the forest, nabbing a stray egg from the jaws of a starving Ekans. Get fucked, filthy reptile :v We end today's session in front of the first gym, to be taken on next time.

    On a minor note: Remember when that Smoky Cloud TM was Flamethrower in an earlier build? I do, and poor Phantom cries himself to sleep at night now :') Also, this heatwave is still going. Someone please send me a monsoon I'm dying here!! :jmad:

    Dabbling in some Super Mario World romhacks to try and improve my gaming reflexes (yes really), also just cleared Sonic 3 Complete in one sitting in a little under 2 hours. Pretty sure I can go faster if I legit stop dying so much in the first half XD




    Session 3 picks up where we last left off on Route 3 looking high and low for a Shinx to add to Shirane's team. After several grueling hours under the hot ass sun (yes really, I just could not find a decent one and we're in the middle of a bad heatwave) she finally captured a good enough Shinx to finally progress. And by progress, I mean another long grinding session to get Mystic Blue to evolve into Luxio! It has a neutral nature, but the IVs make up for the lack of any good nature boost I think. Now with all of Route 3 clear (and a hearty "No" in response to the fox fan on the pier), we enter Rubina city, where our young teenage heroine is asked to aid the local police force in finding an extremely dangerous cop killer loose in the city. Average Pokemon protag fare, really. We end our day wandering the city (for dramatic effect, I know where to go :P) looking for the perpetrator and hoping to bring him to great justice!

    On a minor note: I FOUND A SHINY WHILE GRINDING MYSTIC BLUE :D also, I was hoping to add Alt-Growlithe to the team to cover my grass/fire/water core and leave the other slots open for more interesting types. I did find one, but as I had forgotten to save and didn't wanna end up forced to carry a bad one, I ran. What I DIDN'T KNOW was when looking up where to find Alt-Growlithe, it did say Rubina city. What I personally failed to catch was that nifty 1% encounter rate, meaning I will have to wait until I get the hatchet and am able to enter Charred Pathway to actually get one easily u-u BUT WHO CARES? SHINY LEDYBA :D


    2-5.PNG 2-6.PNG

    Session 2 was a bit of a short one. I entered the School Tournament mini arc and asserted my dominance over the entire student body, winning myself an assortment of specialty Pokeballs :D

    I then watched as Rhodie continued his "nah nah that didn't count bruh, the sun was in my eyes >:(" bit while also belittling poor Jordan. The guy just can't catch a break can he? Afterwards, I healed up the team (Almost lost White-3, luckily I was able to beat his Solosis with it), and headed off to Route 3 to look for a new team member to add to the party. During the search, White-3 evolved into Staravia /o/

    On a minor note: I came across a Yamper while looking for a Shinx to catch. I wasn't aware any Gen 8 mons were added to the game, I didn't notice any the last time I finished the demo. Also on the note of Shinx, I wanted to get Alt-Luxray on the team, but I'm unsure if ability matters for it or if there's a chance the Shinx will evolve into normal Luxray. I might need to find out if that's a possibility I should prepare for. I might also play around with the idea of Alt-Spinarak... :jthink:




    So I decided to start a second file of Sardonyx while we wait for the next major update! This time, I'm using the female mc (named Shirane), with her first two Pokemon being a Starly (Mighty Morphin season 3 White) and Bellsprout (Jungle Fury Yellow).

    The naming theme this time around is Power Rangers :P

    The run began with me picking Mienfoo as the starter until I found Starly in the grass by the lab, at which point I leveled up Starly enough to safely box Mienfoo. After that, I went to the park proper to find and catch Bellsprout, then headed out to Route 1 to grind some. After defeating Kaden and rescuing Jordan's Vee, I then proceeded back home, completed the lost Growlithe side quest, and out the west gate to Route 2, where more grinding ensued and trainers were beaten. Upon reaching Emeralis city, I quickly did the absent teacher side quest after rolling through more of Rhodie's endless taunting, and ended the first session in front of the school tournament grounds.

    On a minor note, I didn't know the initial battle against Jordan/Mary could be skipped entirely, which led to some funny dialogue, being scolded for not saying anything at the lab about not coming to the park (despite, ya know, being a mute hero/ine?). Also was I always able to walk through the Poke Mart's sign post outside?

    My usual team I run White 2 with, but idealized with proper natures/EVs/IVs, and in order of capture :D

    Romulus (Lucario) (M) @ Expert Belt

    Ability: Steadfast

    EVs: 252 Atk / 252 SpA / 4 Spe

    Naughty Nature

    - Aura Sphere

    - Ice Punch

    - Rock Slide

    - Psychic

    Brunhilda (Krookodile) (F) @ Leftovers

    Ability: Intimidate

    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

    Adamant Nature

    - Earthquake

    - Crunch

    - Rock Slide

    - Hone Claws

    Amaryllis (Lilligant) (F) @ Life Orb

    Ability: Own Tempo

    EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

    Modest Nature

    - Petal Dance

    - Giga Drain

    - Sleep Powder

    - Quiver Dance

    Nash (Braviary) (M) @ Muscle Band

    Ability: Defiant

    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

    Jolly Nature

    - Brave Bird

    - Return

    - Bulk Up

    - Roost

    Supernova (Volcarona) (F) @ Wise Glasses

    Ability: Flame Body

    EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

    Mild Nature

    - Flamethrower

    - Bug Buzz

    - Giga Drain

    - Quiver Dance

    Asteron (Starmie) @ Wide Lens

    Ability: Natural Cure

    EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    Bold Nature

    - Hydro Pump

    - Blizzard

    - Thunder

    - Recover

    So I just had the most insanely boring game against a literal bot. It was programmed to FTK with D.D. Dynamite and every banish card available to it, on top of Soul Absorption the gain an asinine amount of LP to essentially force a surrender. Fortunately for me, it ended up Pot of Desires/Necroface banishing away the third copy of Dynamite, and with no other way to burn me out (Thanks to my established board of Gungnir, Savage Dragon and Shooting Riser Dragon) I chipped away at its 25,000 points to win.

    Moral of the story? Play your own damn game, this sweaty bot shit is uncool