Closure on the Outlook Email Situation


So I'm sure we all remember the issues surrounding receiving site emails for Outlook users? Well, I'm happy to report that thanks to action on our support ticket, this has been resolved, at least for the time being! Linode's support team, despite making clear that email deliverability is usually out-of-scope for them, went above and beyond for us to get this sorted out. Armed with our email-related DNS records, they talked to Microsoft and got them to remove our mail server from their S3140 block list. How long this lasts remains to be seen, since I've read reports that independent mail servers can often end up back on S3140 after a while even if no spam has left the IP, but I have confirmed with one of our moderators (and resident Outlook hanger-on) The Kakuzato that site emails are reaching Outlook's internal mail servers now.

I also have forensic reporting set up for our mail server so that any issues with our SPF or DKIM records get reported directly to me, though so far all I've gotten is a) Google failing our DKIM key for no reason even though we use Workspace internally so it's a key they generated for us, and b) Microsoft for some reason thinking our mail server is housed on a server at ColoCrossing behind a domain we don't even own. What the fuck.

I'll be monitoring email moving forward, but I'd also like any Outlook users that may sign up to report any issues to me on our Discord server, if possible.

Thanks, and see you guys around!