Showcase: Altaran Pidgey

We've got another showcase for you! This one is a variant most players should already be extremely familiar with, since it's been in the game since the first public demo. Its official art has just recently been completed in an approximation of Sugimori style, so I thought it best to display it alongside some in-depth information about it and its concept! Presenting, Altaran Pidgey!

Altaran Pidgey is an Ice- and Flying-Type, found commonly in the first few areas of the game with its evolved forms being available in the wild as well. This variant is based on the osprey, a bird also known as the fish-eating hawk, sea hawk, river hawk, or fish hawk, scientific name Pandion haliaetus. It's a raptor very near and dear to my heart, and possibly my favorite bird. Driven into a specific ecological niche by local predators and available prey, despite being an Ice-Type Altaran Pidgey is well-suited to its subtropical habitat. It preys primarily on freshwater fish Pokémon such as Altaran Magikarp, and rarely stays in one territory for too long. Uncommon but not unique among Altaris's specialized subspecies, Pidgey is non-aggressive and easy for a beginning trainer to raise.

Altaran Pidgey's normal Abilities are Keen Eye and Piscivore, while its Hidden Abilities are Refrigerate and Snow Warning. Piscivore, its signature Ability, is a potent one: it makes the user's Flying-type attacks deal Super Effective damage on Water-type foes! Because of its raptorial nature and chosen prey, you may witness it attacking Water-type "allies" when encountering it in dark grass.

While small and weak now, as Altaran Pidgey evolves it becomes a very fast Special attacker with access to powerful moves of both of its types. Like Kantonian Pidgey, it evolves into Pidgeotto at level 18, which then evolves into Pidgeot at 36.

And, of course, its Radiant: