Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win

Adventure in the Altaris Region!

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Take control of your own adventure! Discover new variants of old Pokémon!
Throughout your adventure you will face many choices. Some will be easy, others will be hard; some will be inconsequential, and others will shape the rest of your journey. Your decisions can result in anything from an immediate and visible effect, to changing how other characters see you, or even kickstart a chain of sidequests that all cascade from that one moment-- no matter how innocuous that decision seems. In a world of choice and consequence, you may not even realize how important the choice was until much later!

The unique and often harsh environment of Altaris has driven many Pokémon to adapt to the pressures that they face, and yet others are molded to the whims and desires of humans that want certain companions. Familiar Pokémon taking on unfamiliar forms can be found in just about every corner of Altaris, waiting to be discovered. Not only that, but new Mega Stones have been discovered scattered about the region!

With nearly a hundred different Regional Variants, over sixty new Mega Evolutions, and even a few non-regional forms added to round things out, Altaris offers something for everyone!

Discover the dark realities of battling... and take part! A rich world with developed lore!
With any violent sport comes the risk of injury, even injuries that prove fatal. Accidents happen every day, and with a known gang problem wracking the region, Altaran Pokémon Centers often see those cases where the victim cannot be saved. The most infamous culprit of this is Team Mortis, who takes part in a "deathmatch" circuit that specializes in battles to the death-- a battle style that the player will be forced to take part in many times through the course of the story. These battles are high-risk, high-reward: emerging as the victor can win you items, Pokémon eggs, and a special currency called Credits.

Will you adapt and rise to the demanding nature of the region, or will you be culled by Team Mortis's Reaper like all the other weak trainers?

The world is yours to explore! Fun interactions, useful hints, and even hidden items are everywhere, and those who search their surroundings thoroughly will be rewarded for their efforts. Dozens of sidequests, rare Pokémon, and secret passwords are just waiting for you to find them! Whether it's a fresh take on established lore, or an entirely new piece of information, the game rewards players who take their time going through Altaris instead of rushing everywhere to get to the next piece of story.

A murder mystery tied to gang violence...
... and hints of stories beyond yours.
Jordan's brother was arrested for being part of the Circuit. Mary's father was killed by it. And an older trainer named Petra is chasing down leads on her own father's killer, a vendetta that leads her to challenge Team Mortis.

But are these deadly trainers really to blame for everything, or are they just symptoms of another problem? What of the mysterious trainer Zoltan, a cop-killer with one of the most impressive records of deathmatch victories, who owns two of the most infamous Pokémon in the circuit? Is Onyxia City's Gym Leader, Kurai, really involved in something shady?

And what the hell is up with this Kaiser guy?

You are not the only person in this world. Everyone has a story that they are the main character of, and they play out those stories whether you're involved or not. When their adventures intersect with yours, you may realize that there's a tale you're not being told.

But you might be able to affect them. A boy afraid to ask Professor Spruce for his first partner asks you instead. A string of apparent accidents shows a rogue Ranger Chief may be behind some heinous crimes. A trainer you travel with, who has years of experience under his belt, intertwines with your own story in an intrinsic way that neither of you realize at first.

These are only a glimpse of the living world we've striven to create. This story is not only yours.



"I did have a lot of fun playing through this. [...] For a demo, this definitely has a lot to it, like I got hours and hours of fun out of this."
"Some of the best Regional Variants I've seen, the design fits the Type and Abilities so well, it brings a whole new life to these old Pokémon."
Youtuber, Discord mod
"This is honestly in my top 5 fangames. The devs have SO much ingenuity with the new features they've implemented. It is DEFINITELY worth playing."
The Black Phoenix
Youtuber, Ragnarok Raven
"Sardonyx has been one of my favorite Pokémon games to play. I've enjoyed it more than the actual games by far."
"The plot thickens with every word. Would recommend."

The Build Specs
Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win is built in RPG Maker XP, using vanilla Pokémon Essentials v16.2 as a codebase. It has since been heavily modified to include code from Essentials versions up to v21, as well as user-made scripts, custom code, and open-source fangames.
The game's launcher was developed by Ragnarok Raven member Sinder in Python.

Legal Shenanigans
We at Ragnarok Raven consider this game to be PG-16 due to heavy themes and depictions of violence. The closest ESRB rating to this is Mature 17+.
The game is otherwise entirely SFW.

Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win
is a parody fangame of the popular Pokémon series. This game is protected under Fair Use laws relating to parody works.

No profit is being made off of any media relating to this project. We the developers obtain zero revenue, profit, or compensation from this project. Any revenue derived from advertisements, Adfly, CutURLs, etc does not go to us and is hosted by other parties. No developer on this project receives or accepts monetary donations for working on this game.

All fan-made resources are provided as free-use-with-credit.

Pokémon is owned by The Pokémon Company, which is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures.

Please remember to support the official Pokémon games! We make no attempt to interfere with The Pokémon Company and intentionally do not release builds around an official release. Without Nintendo, we wouldn't be here.