Altaris Region

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smiley49@2x.png "The map below is subject to change as development progresses. There are also locations not shown here that are revealed on the map as the player visits them."
The Altaris Region is a remote archipelago located far from other established regions. There are two primary island chains, noted as West Altaris and East Altaris, as well as a few scattered islands not part of the main two. Because of the isolated nature of the region, nearly one hundred Pokémon have evolved new adaptations to cope with the climate, human activity, and fierce predators in the wild.

Altaris was created over many thousands of years by the lava of underwater volcanoes rising and cooling in the ocean. Despite having no local myths about what many call legendary Pokémon, this doesn't mean that those Pokémon aren't present. Despite or perhaps even because of the remote location, many rare, thought to be one-of-a-kind Pokémon come to Altaris. Their reasons for such could vary-- perhaps they wish to nest far away from the bustling cities of the greater Pokémon world, or perhaps the climate is to their liking, or perhaps it could even be random chance; no matter the reason, it's not uncommon for a passing Lugia or a tribe of Zarude to take up residence somewhere on this island chain.

Despite being surrounded by water, there are few sanctioned "water routes" in the region, and in fact it is downright illegal to swim in the open ocean of Altaris. The seas are harsh and filled with aggressive, dangerous Pokémon such as Altaran Garchomp and Gyarados, and the authorities have deemed it simpler to ban swimming in problem areas than try to clear these apex predators away from land. Even large ships struggle with being attacked by disturbed dragons: nowhere on the Altaran waves is completely safe.