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Safety Disclaimer

In light of discovered results of Google searches, Ragnarok Raven would like to deliver a message about false downloads and safety regarding our game.

While we encourage players to share our game with interested parties, we must remind all readers to be safe when downloading files from the internet. Any download for Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win that does not originate from this website is not officially endorsed by the Ragnarok Raven and thus we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the files' contents.

Be aware that downloads for the game that are from other websites, parties, or sources may not be our game at all, or may include viruses or malware. If we find a website claiming to host our game, or even simply advertising it, we will do our best to ask the owners of said website to either remove us or link back to our official site.

Please also be aware that we are not affiliated in any manner with a Pokémon FireRed Version ROM hack also named Pokémon Sardonyx. Downloads for games of that title without the subtitle Raised to Win may instead be for this ROM hack.

Always be safe, trainers.