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smiley44@2x.png "We know that some things on this page inspire a particular gut reaction from players. Please at least try the game before calling it 'another edgy fangame'."
A dark, branching storyline... ... with a difficulty curve worthy of veterans!
Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win features a dark storyline and covers mature, sensitive themes. Where the story takes you is your own choice. The main story arc is the only path you are required to take, and even the gym challenge and Pokémon League are optional. A myriad of sidequests, some of which are storylines all their own, pepper the region and provide not only useful rewards, but also the occasional break from the heavy topics of the main story.

The themes we try to employ in this game can be summarized as "choice and consequence", but also include redemption, seeing beneath the surface, and never giving up. The player is forced to pay attention to the cues the game gives them, and is punished for not taking heed. There may be times where the player seems to do everything right and still doesn't win; will you surrender, or will you pick yourself back up and keep going?
This game is made by veterans of the series, for veterans of the series. We intend to employ a difficulty curve similar to that of Pokémon Platinum, but over a longer span of time-- while we cannot predict the exact levels of enemies at very late points in the game, there is a very real possibility that the player will reach level 100 by the time the credits roll. And no, we aren't going beyond that.

Level grinding will not save you-- the game punishes players for overleveling by making their Pokémon disobey. Gym leaders and their underlings scale to your story progress, making them challenging even if you come back later. Difficulty comes not from artificial level spikes, but from the fact that your opponents employ strategy, Abilities, and held items almost as well as a player.

And be wary of Hard Mode, where everything is that much more difficult.
Meta rebalances! Quality-of-life improvements!
Several type interactions have changed: Normal has been buffed to be a counter to Psychic and Fairy, Poison has been buffed to be strong against Water, and Ice has been buffed to actually resist things other than itself.

Many non-Variant Pokémon have received stat increases, new Abilities, new moves, and more. Some of these changes are to make weaker Pokémon more viable, while others are chosen to make dangerous Pokémon all the more threatening.

What's more, some of these Pokémon have had their stats entirely rearranged to specialize in different niches-- many Pokémon once considered weak may now be very useful!
We have ignored many conventions and standards in the series in order to provide a smoother experience for the player. Both gameplay and teambuilding should now be more accessible to players with the following changes implemented:
  • EVs and IVs are fully visible on the Summary
  • Pokémon will follow the player and pick up items
  • Hidden Machines are replaced by Key Items
  • Tab can be used to speed the game up
  • Press V to quicksave... and multiple save files are supported!
  • Gyms are entirely optional... with one story-relevant exception
A full National Pokédex... ... with new Regional Variants and Mega Evolutions!
While not entirely possible while the game is in its current demo state, and thus incomplete, by the time we've finished we will have implemented every Pokémon in the National Pokédex-- even up to whatever the current generation is at the time of the game's completion! (We cannot guarantee the implementation of Pokémon released after the game's completion.)

Explore Altaris thoroughly and you will find every Pokémon from the series thus far. Play with your favorites! The only thing standing in your way is story progression. From the tall grasses to the open sea, from gifts to suppliers, and even the occasional Mystery Gift and ingame trade, everything will be available at least once.
Many Pokémon from other regions can be found scattered across Altaris-- but they're very different! Over 90 species of Pokémon spread across over 50 distinct evolutionary lines (yes, we counted!) have Regional Variants, both to combat the harsh environment of the region, and because humans have bred unique breeds of these Pokémon. Many of these variants are stronger and more aggressive than their more common counterparts, leading to a trophic cascade that causes more and more species to adapt.

Adding to this is our plethora of new Mega Evolutions, numbering over 60, both of Pokémon you may be familiar with and the unique subspecies only found in Altaris. Mega Stones may be hidden in plain sight, given to the player, or even sold at a premium-- will you focus on your favorites, or will you collect them all?

What else do we have planned?

Subject to change. Postgame tentatively reserved for 5.0.

  • Online functionalities such as battling and trading are on the distant horizon. We can't guarantee this.
  • We have several mechanics planned, both ones that we think are unique to our game and those that are under-utilized by other fangames.
  • Complex cutscenes (including animated pixel art) are on the table, but not set in stone.
2.x - Current
3.0 4.0
  • Gyms 1 (Rubina) and 2 (Citrivale)
  • Name Rater
  • Bike (Skateboard)
  • EXP Share (Classic)
  • Lucky Egg
  • Apricorn Balls
  • 50+ Regional Variants
  • Groray
  • Gyms 3-6
  • Mega Evolution
  • Altaran Charmander and Aron
  • L and Cherish
  • Fly and Surf
  • Move Relearner (Classic)
  • Move Deleter
  • Game Corner
  • Department Store
  • Developer cameos
  • Many new mechanics
  • Ice cream
  • A game-changing choice
  • Gyms 7 and 8
  • Pokémon League
  • Daycare and breeding
  • Revival
  • Safari Zone
  • Move Relearner (Modern)
  • Eastern Altaris
  • Secret Regional Variants
  • Multiple endings