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smiley38@2x.png "Gym leaders and their trainers scale to your current story progress. Feel free to skip them on a first pass and come back later to get a greater challenge out of them."

Created and written by Keileon.

Ashley is the Rubina City Gym Leader who specializes in Fire-Type Pokémon. Locally known as a breeder who's trying to bolster the city's small population of Altaran Growlithe to help the local police force, Ashley is lively and vivid in personality and quite confident in her abilities... when she's comfortable.

Ashley was the unfortunate victim of a Circuit Trainer who decided to challenge her gym. When battling her, this trainer went too far and had his Pokémon kill her Ninetales, and then escaped when she called the police. Since then, she's treated new challengers with suspicion until she sees that they mean no real harm, and keeps her trusty Altaran Arcanine on hand for defense just in case.

Ashley's badge is called the Cinder Badge. Her battle takes place on a permanent Oil Spill field effect, which catches fire when a Fire-Type move is used.

Created and written by Lord X-Giga-X.

Dynamo is the Citrivale City Gym Leader who specializes in Electric-Type Pokémon. Helping the city's power generation on the side, Dynamo is an active force in the city life around him. He's introduced to you before you even get to challenge Ashley, as a witness to a murder that took place nearby. Though his jokes seem poorly-timed and in poor taste, he means well, and is nothing less than an ally on your journey.

Dynamo's badge is called the Filament Badge. His gym is dark at first, with the puzzle involving pressing switches to brighten it up... and then shorting out the power to turn off the barrier blocking your way to him! Thankfully, the backup generators power on to light your way as the two of you battle.