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Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win ultimately strives to contain the entire National Pokédex up to the current generation of games, and will not include "fakemon", a word which here means "entirely original Pokémon designs which take up their own Pokédex number instead of being a form of an existing Pokémon". To make up for the lack of fakemon, we have:

  • 90+ Regional Variants spread across 50+ distinct families, over half of which are in the current demo build
  • 60+ new Mega Evolutions
  • Over a dozen new forms and formes that do not fit either of these categories

We hope that players are able to both use their favorites throughout the game, and also get their fill of "new" Pokémon by using these new forms and variants.

Even Pokémon without new forms have stat, moveset, and/or Ability changes, allowing for a fresh experience even with old familiar favorites. While not every Pokémon has a total rehaul, several considered weak or underused in the main series receive special attention and love, and the starters in particular have been carefully considered.