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smiley38@2x.png "We are working towards the v3.0 Core release. We are currently in the stage of developing story and maps."

"Please bear in mind that even in periods of relative silence, we are still working on this game."

There will be one more Pseudo-Core release before v3.0, and that's v2.9. We will push hotfixes for this release for a time, then not release any more patches until v3.0 is done. This is to keep us focused on the content of the next Core instead of pushing a patch every time something is rehauled.

We are working towards the next release. Mapping, spriting, and story development is underway. Generation 8 content has been implemented, but not completed.

Progress bars below are estimations and not reflective of actual numbers. This section was last updated on June 12, 2022.

Interim Patch: Active
Bugfixing: Active
Total Progress [Full Game]:
Total Progress [Core v3.0]

Spritework and Art