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smiley44@2x.png "How many rivals do you need?"

Created and written by Lord X-Giga-X.

Rhodie starts his journey alongside Jordan and Mary, traveling to Shardil to visit Professor Spruce's research laboratory to pick up his starter. Immediately coming off as rude and arrogant, he actively chooses the starter which is strong against your own and constantly berates your rival for being a poor trainer. Even in the first battles the two of you have with him, Rhodie beats down your rival despite his type disadvantage and proves a challenging opponent with useful TMs against you.

Despite all that, there's an undercurrent of purpose to his apparent cruelty-- Altaris is a very dangerous place to not take the risk seriously. If you manage to defeat him consistently, Rhodie begins to respect the player. He isn't cruel just to be cruel-- he's cruel because if you and your rival don't shape up, you could die.

But on the other side of the coin, with his talk of becoming a hurricane to blast through the competition the region offers him, strength at face value seems to be the only thing he respects. Despite taking Altaris seriously, undeserved confidence can prove just as dangerous. Will his arrogance get him hurt?
?thumbnail=original Noro
Created and written by Lord X-Giga-X.

Noro is a beginning trainer just like you and your other rivals, starting his journey just after you do. Though he gathers the courage on Hard Mode, under normal conditions he's too nervous to ask Professor Spruce for a starter, and so asks you to capture a Nidoran for him. He'll take either gender, but would prefer a male. Gameplay-wise, Noro's Nidoran will reflect most aspects of the one you give him- gender, shininess, nickname, IVs, Nature, Ability, and even its minimum level.

Noro undertakes his journey separately from you, and shows up less often than Rhodie. Despite this, he pops up repeatedly for a friendly battle with you, and takes both his losses and wins in stride.