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    All good, it's a lot less of my personal streams and more of college/esports channels I've been on mostly. I know I'll be doing League/Overwatch commentary this Saturday if you wanna watch ;)

    Also, just move to Hawaii 5head

    Yooooo FALLEN

    Would you guys believe it, this man created Mary.

    That was definitely a long time ago haha, was for sure some of the best moments of my pre-teen/early teen years.

    Might as well give a short TL;DR of what I've been up to. I've gone into the Esports scene as a Caster and more recently a Producer, did not think I'd end up doing something like this but I've been enjoying it.

    It is I, the one and only ProfLeighton. If you don't recognize that name then you may know my previous name 'Fallen'. Yup, that is all just stopping by to say Hi :)