Showcase: Altaran Pyroar

Remember that Altaran Litleo we revealed on Monday? Well, Aaronfox has done it again and evolved it! This is another variant that's a known thing on the Discord, so if you want to be privy to variants before their official reveals, make sure to join. Without any further preamble, here's Altaran Pyroar!

Altaran Pyroar is a dual Grass- and Rock-Type that evolves from Altaran Litleo via a Leaf Stone and is otherwise found only rarely at night in one specific area of 3.0. Based on a cougar, specifically the adult form of the animal where Litleo is just a cub, Altaran Pyroar has adapted to human activity and is specially evolved to hide in the wheat fields of farms. A cunning ambush predator, Altaran Pyroar is a skilled and efficient hunter most active at night that preys on anything it can find-- including humans and livestock. Therefore, farmers are advised to keep themselves, their pets, and their livestock indoors at night.

Pyroar's abilities remain the same as Litleo's, with Dry Tinder remaining the exclusive. It's also known that Pyroar will be able to learn Stone Edge, which when combined with having No Guard in its toolset makes this very fast physical sweeper a veritable threat despite its rather unfortunate weaknesses. Exact stats can be found on the Regional Variants page.

Here's the Radiant: