Metallic Pokémon

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smiley46@2x.png "I'm close to a Shiny Latios, but I'm not quite the right color. Does that make me a Radiant?"

A new, rare breed of Pokémon!

An oddity in Altaris!
High-demand and low-supply!
Rumors and sightings in far-off regions such as Kalos turned out to have truth to them with the discovery of a color variation unique to Altaris-- Metallic Pokémon. Named for their metallic sheen, these Pokémon are similar to Shiny Pokémon in their scarcity.

Researchers are still determining the cause of this anomaly, but many think it may be environmental and connected to the unique soil composition of the volcanic islands that make up Altaris. No genetic factor has been found in the Pokémon they've studied.

Metallic Pokémon can be found anywhere and everywhere in the Altaran wilderness, but are even rarer than Shiny Pokémon. They are no stronger than their normally-colored counterparts and, to many trainers, are simply a high-demand novelty.
Metallic Pokémon are so rare and difficult to consistently produce that the player isn't the only one who sees their value. Some trainers you may meet in the wild are Shiny Hunters, and will have not just Shiny Pokémon, but Metallic and even Radiant Pokémon, as well as a Pokémon to help them obtain these which may be normally-colored. Stay on the lookout for them!

Suppliers both buy and sell Metallic Pokémon for an increased price. With Metallic Pokémon having no genetic link, and thus being difficult to breed for, how do they get results so consistently? Only they know-- and they aren't telling.

Will you encounter these naturally, or will you spend months soft-resetting for a Metallic starter and never progressing? Will you keep these rare novelties, or will you sell them off to fund your next teammate?
A normal Pokémon will appear almost every time you enter a battle.
Shiny Pokémon will appear once in roughly 4,000 encounters!
Metallic Pokémon are even rarer, at one in 8,000...
... and the chances of a Radiant Pokémon, which is both Shiny and Metallic, are astronomically low.

Images above are only for example purposes and do not reflect actual in-game encounters.